This is the third blog that I’ve started and written quite regularly on. From the first blog titled I published a book called “Widow’s Walk”. The book chronicles my first five years as a widow, a single parent, working through grief, etc. The book also has over 25 pictures in it! It is available for purchase at Just enter the title Widow’s Walk and Ruth Jackson into the search bar and it should come up. It’s a very real look at life…my life, but I think you might also find that a lot of what I write about could be stuff that you’ve experienced too.

Sometimes people think maybe they have to be a widow themselves to get something out of it or that it’s only for people who have experienced a death close to them, but I think the book would be interesting, and worth reading no matter what your life has been up to this point.

The book is self published. I have no real connections in the world of publishing so I just decided to go for it anyway. The cost is $15. Most people when they actually see the book are amazed at how large it is. They also tend to comment to me about the level of honesty and transparency in the writing.

If you’ve read it and have thoughts/comments you would like to share I would love to hear from you.

Just thought you might be interested,


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