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First 5 scents and life as a self employed person…


I was going to do this one scent reveal at a time thing for my new body scrub business and eventually for my homemade cold press soap…but I’ve decided one scent a day is not enough ๐Ÿ™‚

So today I’m showing you and describing to you my first five scents that I’ve got ready to sell, first come, first serve.

Over the weekend my girls and I ended up traveling the area purchasing all kinds of needed supplies for this venture of mine. They’ve been real troupers!

We’re living an interesting life right now. Interesting as in different. I don’t have a day job…well kind of but very loosely scheduled. I have a private music lesson business and thankfully it continues to grow. I’m up to 13 students now. My goal is 20. And I’m working on this body scrub/soap business in my free time. Along with the normal homeschooling, mom, homemaking, trying to be healthy, connected with God, family and friends life I normally live.

This morning in the wee hours while it was still dark, I woke up with some anxiety. Self employment is wonderful on one hand…FREEDOM. I’m my own boss. I can choose my hours. I can choose what direction to go in. I don’t have anybody calling the shots or anybody that I feel intimidated by. But…self employment is also a huge…RISK. I’m investing in a business that only has me to blame if I don’t do well. I have two girls who need me to do well. I have no desire at age 42 to go belly up because of a pipe dream if you know what I mean. I’m not in my twenties after all.

I’ve decided the FREEDOM is worth the RISK. But honestly guys…I have no idea how this story will play out. I’ll be breathing in some peace this morning at yoga:)

I will be looking into the shipping end of my body scrub business this week. I will find out what it costs me to box/pack and ship jars and let you know so that if you don’t live local and still want to purchase you could. I will also try to get in the know on all of the ways that kind of thing works out payment wise. I’m going to be meeting with a friend soon who has been in this self employment thing for a LONG time and take some serious notes and eventually…I’ll know what I’m doing as well. In the mean time, I will do my best in all ways that I can and trust that it will be enough.

Ok…so here are my first five scents. I have 13 other scents coming…which is a lot, a total of 18. What I figure will happen is that in offering such a large amount of choices probably half of these scents will step forward and be clear cut best sellers while some others might not do as well and may even be dropped. I just didn’t want to assume that I knew what the best ones would be without giving you all choices.

I’ve already told you about the LEMON scent…I love the clean, fresh feeling of it.

I’ve already told you about the LAVENDER scent…the delicate, floral, purple feeling of it.

The other three scents for today are CINNAMON, VANILLA and TROPICAL.

The Cinnamon and Vanilla scents remind me so much of the kitchen, baked goods, cinnamon sugar toast, cookies, that kind of thing. They are made with brown sugar so that highlights the feeling.

The Tropical scent is my youngest daughter’s favorite so far and I have to admit, I really like it too. It’s just fun and enjoyable. Picture yourself in the Bahamas and you’ve got the feel.

The small jars are $6, the large which are double the size of the small, are $10. I am also considering that at some point I might also offer ‘refills’ of the jar so that as you empty them you don’t just have to keep purchasing jars…unless you want to (they are cute and all :)) instead you could just empty the jar and have it refilled for a reduced price! Just a thought that I’m open to.

I don’t believe that this product is going to save the world or bring you to Jesus…but I do believe that it’s a quality, natural, reasonably priced, attractive way to take good care of your skin. It won’t take care of wrinkles or cellulite or any other medical condition that you might be dealing with…but it will give you softer skin. It will exfoliate away dead skin and smooth the skin underneath as you rinse off the rubbed on body scrub under water. I keep a large jar in my shower and use it daily and I also keep a small jar by my kitchen sink if I just want to do my hands with it. I hand wash all of my dishes since I don’t have a dishwasher…so it’s my little way of treating myself for a job well done ๐Ÿ™‚

It works for me. There are all kinds of products out there to use on your skin so I know you have lots of choices to choose from. I would venture to say that at $6 or $10, my body scrub is a luxury that really can’t be beat in price. I only use 3 ingredients. All ingredients are as ‘organic’ or pure as they can possibly be. In this day and age I know that reality is a big deal too.

Enjoy the photos. I had fun taking them on my porch.


These are the large jars…






These are the small jars…







Potential…tapped into :)


I’ve always lived with that little lingering feeling that if I just had more time to pursue the things that mattered to me I had so much untapped potential. Does everybody feel that way? When I worked at the public school teaching music I think I tried to tell myself that everybody did and so therefore I just needed to suck it up and push through. Now I’m not so sure.

Because…what I’m finding is that lingering feeling and frustration was absolutely true. I did have more in me. I had dreams that were waiting to be birthed but no room for them to develop and grow, to really be put into action.

These days…I have time, I have opportunity to pursue things I never have before.

Yesterday I officially, publicly, with pictures and prices and finished off products started my body scrub and soap business. Ok…I have yet to make the soap…but it’s not far off. But I’ve officially started the body scrub side of things. For the next two weeks/plus I will be posting pictures of each scent as it gets finished off. I will describe to you what my girls and I think about it, what the scent reminds us of how or how it causes us to feel. I will give you as much detail as I can without you actually using it for yourself. Unless you live locally and want to come try a little ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are interested in purchasing a jar for yourself or for a gift (Christmas is not far off!) then please let me know and we can work out arrangements to make it happen. The small jars are $6. The larger jars are $10. The large jars are double the size of the small so if you do the math you can tell they are the better deal for your money if you care about that type of thing.

The ingredients are listed on the tag and everything is incredibly homemade and as natural as it can be.

I plan to use these as gifts for my neighbors this Christmas, teachers, friends, and family. They’re useful and also attractive. And a good deal for the $$. What a rare thing in today’s world of retail shopping!

Yesterday, I posted pictures on my One Life Well Lived blog of my first scent…LEMON. I really like the lemon scent. It’s refreshing, invigorating, full of life and freshness. Obviously, I’m kind of in love with that word “fresh” right now so a scent that makes me smell that way seems so divine. I use my body scrub on my hands…my elbows and feet. All of the areas that really get neglected easily. My oldest daughter says she is using them on her legs before shaving and feels like she gets a closer shave. This isn’t scientific…but if she feels like that’s true…then who knows, maybe it is.

Here are the pictures of my lemon jars ๐Ÿ™‚





And here are the pictures for my new scent today…LAVENDER. For those who love a more floral scent, delicate and more feminine I think you’ll enjoy this scent. Plus if you love purple…well this would be a great buy for you ๐Ÿ™‚





On Monday I’ll post the next scent available. Tomorrow is “No Screen Sunday” for us…so until then, have a lovely labor day weekend. Enjoy family. Enjoy extra time. Knock out a house project if it makes you feel good. Rest. Relax. Connect with people and take some time to reflect. That’s what I hope to do.