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Back on the wagon…


After two weeks of working on my house and other projects…I’m back in the saddle on weight watchers and exercise. I really was tempted to just pitch the whole thing and did for two weeks. Sometimes dealing with weight just makes me weary. I love projects that you start, work hard on and finish and can see the final product. Weight and health just aren’t that way. So here is what happened…

Last night I went to an Arbonne party at a friend’s house. In the process of the evening I caught up with an acquaintance from church. Someone who I knew…but honestly, not very well. In the course of the evening I discovered she is doing weight watchers too. She goes to the meetings and talked about how much she’s lost this past year and how she’s been kind of off the wagon the last couple of weeks. I told her my story…How I have lost some weight (minimal…I’ve kept 5 lbs. off) but got a little disheartened. She out of the blue proceeded to mention that we live close to each other, which I never realized before and she asked me if I would want to start walking with her in the mornings.

Part of me wasn’t sure about committing because if I commit and then want to back out it gets awkward. But part of me realized that if I’m going to stick with this then I really need some accountability and although we don’t know each other well…maybe this is a relationship that God is bringing into my life for whatever reason, so I said yes.

Fast forward to this morning.

I woke up at 5am to meet her by 5:50am to walk from 6-7am at the park. It was still dark when we headed out!! I am a morning person, but wow…

We met another friend at the park and walked for an hour. Four times around the loop…probably 3-4 miles. The time flew by because we were in conversation the whole time. And lots of other people were out there on the trail too. We already plan to do it again tomorrow morning.

I’m home now…it’s only 7:15am, my kids are still sleeping and I’ve already exercised and had time with friends. I feel good.

I wish I had the good sense to realize this and make it a priority every day. Exercise does feel really good. A horsefly started chasing me while we walked towards the end and I started to jog to get away from it and honestly…that even felt pretty good. Surprised myself!

I’m a gung ho type person. But my gung honess tends to not last me as long as I wish it would.

I really hope this is something that I can continue.

I love what’s happening to me creatively, and the clarity that I have in life right now. I really want this year to be about health too.

How are you doing on taking care of yourself these days? It’s so easy to slide back into old patterns. So easy to give up.

For me things like flossing, skin care, drinking water, eating healthy, exercise…these things are tough for me to discipline myself to stay on top of, even though I know I need to.

Today I’m going in to purchase short term health insurance for the next year. It’s so bare bones. I know that I must stay healthy. This has to be a priority in my life. It helped today to be with friends and in the struggle together. I believe that God brought that acquaintance into my life last night for a reason and I have a feeling she will fast become a good friend as we walk together. I hope so.

Here’s to fresh starts and new mercies. I  need them daily.


Yeah…I think I can.


Today after church I had a couple of ladies come up to me and ask me if I might be interested in getting together tomorrow morning for yoga at the one lady’s house, about 9:30am. In my normal world…I would never get to take advantage of that kind of thing. Monday through Friday day time was just gone, unavailable and because of that my evening time was hugely precious. I was trying to fit in a few hours what I would’ve liked to do during the day.

I paused and said…”yeah, I think I can.” In my mind, I thought of anything that I was maybe going to try and get done tomorrow and realized real quick none of it was absolutely essential or something that couldn’t wait and decided “why not?” After all…I do own a yoga mat. In fact, my girls are going to go too. They’re homeschooling, it’s a great way to get some P.E. time in and we have the flexibility to do this kind of stuff.

This is all new territory for me.

It’s a Sunday, before the first full week of school and I’m not scurrying today to try and make sure I’m all ready for it. I’m not feeling stressed or overwhelmed at the thought of a five day week with kids.

In fact…I plan to work on my flower beds this week. I plan to actually clean them out and have them not only look nice in the spring but maybe even in the fall. I plan to power wash my house. And I hope to fix our basketball hoop this week. I might even get new windshield wipers put on my car. That would be exciting 🙂

I have a new student starting piano lessons tomorrow so that will be a new adventure starting.

I’m very flexible and free. I have no need or desire to commit my time away, but going to a friends house to do yoga…sure why not 🙂

This off the ride thing is still so new to me that I find myself being pleasantly surprised at all of the options and choices I have in this season of life. Gratitude is my daily theme.


Crazy day…equals new adventures


It’s been a crazy day here at the Jackson house.

I thought it was going to be quite an ordinary day at home…but when my oldest daughter went to pick up her school books off of the bottom shelf she all of a sudden had terrible back pain. As in…I had to help her get up and to the couch where she was crying in extreme pain. Thankfully, our chiropractor was able to get her in pronto! So…school was put off and we went to have her back worked on.

After that appointment he told us that her going to walk around would be the best thing to help have some natural healing and comfort return. He suggested a store, where it was flat and air conditioned. We ended up at Target.

I didn’t get a cart…I was just going to walk around. I mean I’m the minimalist woman now…or at least trying, I wasn’t going to add or shop, just walk.

Yeah, right! Of course I found several items that seemed necessary and went back to the entry and got a cart.

Yes…we now have a charcoal grill and several accessories and tools to use on the grill. We’re trying it out tonight for the first time. I even have it assembled already 🙂 I should tell you, we bought a cheap $17.99 table top grill, nothing huge, but enough for a family of 3 and easy to transport because…

We now also have a 8 person tent. By my figures, it takes about an 8 person tent to comfortably house the three of us 🙂 We stood in the row and debated for quite awhile about which tent to choose but in the end I think we did well. It’s a Coleman. I recognize that name so consider that a good thing 🙂 It was easy to carry and talked about how easy it was to set up…which is a huge plus!

So…it would appear that us Jackson girls are now campers. (Pure Crazy!) Just when I think I’ve had my last crazy idea for life, I get another one. Just the way it works for me.

If you had told me a year ago that I would be purchasing a tent and a charcoal grill and planning a spring road trip that involved camping I would’ve told you absolutely NOT! I was a sworn hotel user type of person. And hotels still are very nice. We’re staying in a few soon on our Niagara Falls/Toronto Vacation. But…I think we’ve signed on for some serious camping in the future.

Adventure comes in all sizes and shapes I guess 🙂

So, now I think I’ll actually get to what I thought I was going to be doing today.

First grilled meal coming tonight. After 7 years of no grilling, it will seem nice to be the home where the food smells good 🙂