I never dreamed I’d be doing this…


I never dreamed that I would be standing in my kitchen with a long sleeve shirt on, long pants, socks and closed toe shoes, with goggles on my face, gloves on my hands and arms and a mask over my nose and mouth monitoring the temperature of four different oils put together and a mix of lye and distilled water to try and get them both to the same temperature so that I could then combine them, blend them, add essential oils and oatmeal and pour the whole thing into a mold to make  bars of soap.

Maybe you’ve done it or maybe you’ve wanted to do it…but it was honestly not even on my radar until a couple of weeks ago.

Last night I held an open house for my body scrub business called “Something Lovely”. It’s official now. I even have the business cards and a Facebook page to prove it 🙂 No one came. It was short notice. Christmas and gift giving is still far away…but it was worth a try and I’ll try again next week. However, as I sat here by myself I decided it was time to for new adventures and I decided I would go for the whole bars of soap thing.

In the books they warn you repeatedly about lye and how dangerous it is. It appears that it can be something that when not handled right can be quite volcanic and explosive. I wasn’t really in the mood to screw that kind of thing up. I measured each oil and ingredient precisely. I got my stove going and an ice bath going for the oils and for the lye mixture. I used this handy dandy temperature thing where you just push a button as you point at the substance that you either want to cool or heat and it would give a read out of the temperature in the container, works pretty good. When they were both at 110 degrees I blended them together and it didn’t take long at all for ‘trace’ to be reached. Quite amazing how the whole thing solidifies really. By tonight I’ll be able to take it out of the mold and slice. The bars will then sit on baking racks that I’ve set up over my refrigerator to ‘cure’ for the next 4-6 weeks. It’s not a process that is for the impatient!

If I could’ve been a fly on the wall last night and watched myself I think it would’ve been kind of comical and utterly fascinating to realize how much my life has changed.

Last night I talked with my youngest about this blog and another blog I write on called “Onelifewelllived”. They used to seem so separate to me. On this one I would write about sabbatical and all last year, my count down towards sabbatical and how my life is changing. On the other blog I would write about story and what matters in a good story. I would encourage people to tell their own stories in some form or fashion. I wrote about my own story and the parts of it that I thought I were doing well, or the parts where I knew I needed improvement. I’m finding that these two blogs are starting to interweave quite a bit and my off the ride is bleeding into my one life well lived. Life is fluid that way. Any time we try to keep things in separate categories they have a way of bleeding into each other.

I also write on a blog called Going Solo which is totally about my private music business. And I write on a blog for my kids…which is specifically letters to my kids…letters to lead you home.com

I’m telling you this because…I have a feeling it won’t be long until I take my one life well lived blog and merge it with this off the ride blog and come up with one new blog out of the process. If I do make that move…I’ll let you know. It just seems like that’s the direction I’m going in.

Blogs kind of have a life of their own. I’ve written on five different blogs over the past 7 years and I find that they have a way of growing, changing, ending, and starting. I try to be aware of the process as it happens. Creativity is all about following the idea at the time.

I have started a Facebook page for ‘something lovely’ so if you want to look it up and like it that would be awesome. And definitely if you’re interested in body scrub or hand made soap, I’m becoming more and more your girl. I’m still trying to work out the shipping part of the equation. Today I’m going to try UPS and see how much that seems to be. After that I’ll probably experiment with Fed Ex.

Have a lovely day! I’m headed out for a bike ride…it’s been too long.

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