2 weeks in…


I’m now two weeks into this sabbatical thing. Probably at some point I’ll count in months instead of weeks….it’s still kind of like a newborn baby to me right now :).

Today this is what I’ve decided…I always knew there was a whole other world out there that I was missing out on while I was stuck in my classroom each day and I was right! I have fully immersed myself into this sabbatical thing and I can tell you it’s lovely to be able to meet a friend at the drop of a hat. Or to go to yoga on Monday mornings. Or to walk in the park with friends at 6am and come home and water your flowers just because you can and don’t have to rush off to work. It’s lovely to shop during the day and not have to go in the evening. And to have almost every meal with my kids. It’s lovely to actually grind whole bean coffee and make it, sit down and have time to enjoy it. I was generally one of those people who made a cup quickly and rarely had time to finish it before it was time to head out for the day. It’s lovely to volunteer to help someone just because they need it. And it’s wonderful to create and homemake.

Which leads me to my next realization…

For the longest time I always thought my small kitchen was more than adequate…but these days, now that I actually use it regularly…it seems small. (No plans to change it…just an observation.) I’m  actually considering starting to “can” some fruits or vegetables. I’m still in the dreaming phase.

This is how it works for me.

1. I get an idea. Just a glimmer of a thought.

2. I process it in my brain and it grows and I become passionate about it. (The dream is conceived.)

3. So passionate that I go to Amazon and buy a book because I feel the need to read about it more.

4. I find in the book that it really doesn’t look all that hard. (I’m fairly optimistic when it comes to dreams.)

5. I start purchasing supplies and getting excited.

6. I talk to my girls about it. (They give me the thumbs up or down sign…of course I’m already committed at this point, but it’s still a helpful step in my dream realization 🙂 )

7. I Facebook about it…seeking advice from everybody far and wide.

8. I’m pretty clueless but jump in and take it on.

9. I have this lovely sense of accomplishment…or at least ideas of how I might do it next time to make it better when I’m done.

10…I get an idea…and repeat 🙂

Today I’m headed off to Michael’s Craft store because…(drum roll) I am now fully immersed in the “Body Scrub” experience. My kitchen has been filled with sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, epsom salt, essential oils, safflower oil, grapeseed oil…and olive (although I decided I don’t really care for olive if I can use the other oils instead). I’ve got a list of scents (16) and a list of which base and oil and size of jar I’m putting them with and today I’m headed to Michael’s to purchase tags to make them look cute and then wala…I’m in business. I think my first step will be to take a picture of them and put it out to my Facebook world…and blog world…and then whoever else might be interested.

I’ll post a picture here too 🙂 I’ve even sat down and figured up my expenses and what I will actually sell them for and on paper it looks swell 🙂 We’ll see how it all pans out, we might have a lifetime supply of body scrub 🙂

Soon…I’ll have my soap supplies to make bars of soap…oh the places I’ll go then 🙂

Today I’m also going to learn to change my windshield wipers…how hard can it be?

I hope you’ve got a great idea brewing in your brain too. Life is so much more fun with some dreams to follow.


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  1. Oh…. I just wrote a long comment and I think it got lost as I was signing up to follow you “off the Ride” … Not sure I can remember all I said, but some about your soap n body scrub. Let me know if you didn’t get my long comment and Idea.

    • I don’t see the long comment Sue about your idea and now I’m enormously curious, so please try again 🙂 Or contact me on facebook if that’s easier. Thanks!

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