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Potential…tapped into :)


I’ve always lived with that little lingering feeling that if I just had more time to pursue the things that mattered to me I had so much untapped potential. Does everybody feel that way? When I worked at the public school teaching music I think I tried to tell myself that everybody did and so therefore I just needed to suck it up and push through. Now I’m not so sure.

Because…what I’m finding is that lingering feeling and frustration was absolutely true. I did have more in me. I had dreams that were waiting to be birthed but no room for them to develop and grow, to really be put into action.

These days…I have time, I have opportunity to pursue things I never have before.

Yesterday I officially, publicly, with pictures and prices and finished off products started my body scrub and soap business. Ok…I have yet to make the soap…but it’s not far off. But I’ve officially started the body scrub side of things. For the next two weeks/plus I will be posting pictures of each scent as it gets finished off. I will describe to you what my girls and I think about it, what the scent reminds us of how or how it causes us to feel. I will give you as much detail as I can without you actually using it for yourself. Unless you live locally and want to come try a little 🙂

If you are interested in purchasing a jar for yourself or for a gift (Christmas is not far off!) then please let me know and we can work out arrangements to make it happen. The small jars are $6. The larger jars are $10. The large jars are double the size of the small so if you do the math you can tell they are the better deal for your money if you care about that type of thing.

The ingredients are listed on the tag and everything is incredibly homemade and as natural as it can be.

I plan to use these as gifts for my neighbors this Christmas, teachers, friends, and family. They’re useful and also attractive. And a good deal for the $$. What a rare thing in today’s world of retail shopping!

Yesterday, I posted pictures on my One Life Well Lived blog of my first scent…LEMON. I really like the lemon scent. It’s refreshing, invigorating, full of life and freshness. Obviously, I’m kind of in love with that word “fresh” right now so a scent that makes me smell that way seems so divine. I use my body scrub on my hands…my elbows and feet. All of the areas that really get neglected easily. My oldest daughter says she is using them on her legs before shaving and feels like she gets a closer shave. This isn’t scientific…but if she feels like that’s true…then who knows, maybe it is.

Here are the pictures of my lemon jars 🙂





And here are the pictures for my new scent today…LAVENDER. For those who love a more floral scent, delicate and more feminine I think you’ll enjoy this scent. Plus if you love purple…well this would be a great buy for you 🙂





On Monday I’ll post the next scent available. Tomorrow is “No Screen Sunday” for us…so until then, have a lovely labor day weekend. Enjoy family. Enjoy extra time. Knock out a house project if it makes you feel good. Rest. Relax. Connect with people and take some time to reflect. That’s what I hope to do.

2 weeks in…


I’m now two weeks into this sabbatical thing. Probably at some point I’ll count in months instead of weeks….it’s still kind of like a newborn baby to me right now :).

Today this is what I’ve decided…I always knew there was a whole other world out there that I was missing out on while I was stuck in my classroom each day and I was right! I have fully immersed myself into this sabbatical thing and I can tell you it’s lovely to be able to meet a friend at the drop of a hat. Or to go to yoga on Monday mornings. Or to walk in the park with friends at 6am and come home and water your flowers just because you can and don’t have to rush off to work. It’s lovely to shop during the day and not have to go in the evening. And to have almost every meal with my kids. It’s lovely to actually grind whole bean coffee and make it, sit down and have time to enjoy it. I was generally one of those people who made a cup quickly and rarely had time to finish it before it was time to head out for the day. It’s lovely to volunteer to help someone just because they need it. And it’s wonderful to create and homemake.

Which leads me to my next realization…

For the longest time I always thought my small kitchen was more than adequate…but these days, now that I actually use it regularly…it seems small. (No plans to change it…just an observation.) I’m  actually considering starting to “can” some fruits or vegetables. I’m still in the dreaming phase.

This is how it works for me.

1. I get an idea. Just a glimmer of a thought.

2. I process it in my brain and it grows and I become passionate about it. (The dream is conceived.)

3. So passionate that I go to Amazon and buy a book because I feel the need to read about it more.

4. I find in the book that it really doesn’t look all that hard. (I’m fairly optimistic when it comes to dreams.)

5. I start purchasing supplies and getting excited.

6. I talk to my girls about it. (They give me the thumbs up or down sign…of course I’m already committed at this point, but it’s still a helpful step in my dream realization 🙂 )

7. I Facebook about it…seeking advice from everybody far and wide.

8. I’m pretty clueless but jump in and take it on.

9. I have this lovely sense of accomplishment…or at least ideas of how I might do it next time to make it better when I’m done.

10…I get an idea…and repeat 🙂

Today I’m headed off to Michael’s Craft store because…(drum roll) I am now fully immersed in the “Body Scrub” experience. My kitchen has been filled with sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, epsom salt, essential oils, safflower oil, grapeseed oil…and olive (although I decided I don’t really care for olive if I can use the other oils instead). I’ve got a list of scents (16) and a list of which base and oil and size of jar I’m putting them with and today I’m headed to Michael’s to purchase tags to make them look cute and then wala…I’m in business. I think my first step will be to take a picture of them and put it out to my Facebook world…and blog world…and then whoever else might be interested.

I’ll post a picture here too 🙂 I’ve even sat down and figured up my expenses and what I will actually sell them for and on paper it looks swell 🙂 We’ll see how it all pans out, we might have a lifetime supply of body scrub 🙂

Soon…I’ll have my soap supplies to make bars of soap…oh the places I’ll go then 🙂

Today I’m also going to learn to change my windshield wipers…how hard can it be?

I hope you’ve got a great idea brewing in your brain too. Life is so much more fun with some dreams to follow.


Back on the wagon…


After two weeks of working on my house and other projects…I’m back in the saddle on weight watchers and exercise. I really was tempted to just pitch the whole thing and did for two weeks. Sometimes dealing with weight just makes me weary. I love projects that you start, work hard on and finish and can see the final product. Weight and health just aren’t that way. So here is what happened…

Last night I went to an Arbonne party at a friend’s house. In the process of the evening I caught up with an acquaintance from church. Someone who I knew…but honestly, not very well. In the course of the evening I discovered she is doing weight watchers too. She goes to the meetings and talked about how much she’s lost this past year and how she’s been kind of off the wagon the last couple of weeks. I told her my story…How I have lost some weight (minimal…I’ve kept 5 lbs. off) but got a little disheartened. She out of the blue proceeded to mention that we live close to each other, which I never realized before and she asked me if I would want to start walking with her in the mornings.

Part of me wasn’t sure about committing because if I commit and then want to back out it gets awkward. But part of me realized that if I’m going to stick with this then I really need some accountability and although we don’t know each other well…maybe this is a relationship that God is bringing into my life for whatever reason, so I said yes.

Fast forward to this morning.

I woke up at 5am to meet her by 5:50am to walk from 6-7am at the park. It was still dark when we headed out!! I am a morning person, but wow…

We met another friend at the park and walked for an hour. Four times around the loop…probably 3-4 miles. The time flew by because we were in conversation the whole time. And lots of other people were out there on the trail too. We already plan to do it again tomorrow morning.

I’m home now…it’s only 7:15am, my kids are still sleeping and I’ve already exercised and had time with friends. I feel good.

I wish I had the good sense to realize this and make it a priority every day. Exercise does feel really good. A horsefly started chasing me while we walked towards the end and I started to jog to get away from it and honestly…that even felt pretty good. Surprised myself!

I’m a gung ho type person. But my gung honess tends to not last me as long as I wish it would.

I really hope this is something that I can continue.

I love what’s happening to me creatively, and the clarity that I have in life right now. I really want this year to be about health too.

How are you doing on taking care of yourself these days? It’s so easy to slide back into old patterns. So easy to give up.

For me things like flossing, skin care, drinking water, eating healthy, exercise…these things are tough for me to discipline myself to stay on top of, even though I know I need to.

Today I’m going in to purchase short term health insurance for the next year. It’s so bare bones. I know that I must stay healthy. This has to be a priority in my life. It helped today to be with friends and in the struggle together. I believe that God brought that acquaintance into my life last night for a reason and I have a feeling she will fast become a good friend as we walk together. I hope so.

Here’s to fresh starts and new mercies. I  need them daily.