What love looks like.


I think love looks like people showing up on a Wednesday to an apartment building and walking up and down the stairs to the apartment on the top floor (3rd, I believe) to carry stuff down box by box, kitty litter and all, beds, chairs, food, books, golf clubs, clothes, tv, etc. on a hot and sweaty day to move a young family with a newborn baby to their new house.

Moving is such a job. It really is. All of us have far too much stuff. Even when we don’t think we have a lot we do.

I love it when a person can put out a call to the church body for help…all hands on deck to show up and put love in action and people of all ages actually come out and help.

This is how good it was. They couple had rented a truck to move the stuff…but unexpectedly to them, people showed up with trucks and trailers and other various large vehicles and they were able to cancel their order on the moving truck! That’s impressive!

Many hands make light work. I’m not going to lie…it was hot and there was some major sweat going on…but even the children pitched in and carried stuff. Truly remarkable.

I took my daughter, Lydia, and we helped out together for a couple of hours. Great news…it gave us extra points for our weight watchers plan for today 🙂 So we enjoyed a lunch out afterwards.

I was so reassured today of what’s happening at my church. Not in the walls. Not even in the services…but what’s happening in the streets and neighborhoods we are a part of.

I was so impressed that families with small children could’ve easily not come and had a valid excuse and yet, they came and worked and their kids worked right alongside them! What a beautiful experience for those children to be a part of.

I think love should get a little sweaty. I think it should involve some dirt and some heaviness to it. I think it should involve all ages and genders. I think it’s amazing what we can all do when we come together and are there for each other in our time of need.

If the couple had tried to do it alone…OH MY WORD it would’ve been overwhelming!!!

I left before lunch but I know others showed up in the afternoon and beds were already set up and I’m sure that tonight they have some form of home to sleep in. Which is pretty awesome since they have a one month old baby!

In this day and age where we often hear complaints about churches and christians and their lack of caring for needs…I’m happy to be a part of a church that really does care and shows it.

Today was a home run for my church. Today God smiled on us, I felt it. Today reminded me once again of what it means to love one another.

Does your church show up for people in need? If not…I would encourage you to start the trend. Make it a movement…a party…an event that you wouldn’t want to miss because of the connections that will be made. Today I deepened friendships while riding in a pick up truck from an apartment to a house. I’m grateful that I went. Took all of 2 hours of my time.

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