Single Digits and Last Program


It’s a big day for me.

I only have 9 days of school left. Single digits feels huge after a year of counting down.

It’s also my last program tonight. The last time I will be conducting, and even the last time I will be watching my youngest daughter perform in this type of a group. I have no idea if I’ll ever return to this portion of my life again. Maybe in a year, but even if I come back I have no idea what job I’ll be walking back into. This could really be it. In some ways…very nice, in others very strange. Change.

It’s also Friday which means jeans 🙂 It’s still the small things that give me pleasure.

And…I’m on day two of using my juicer. Again….the little things. I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m just going to keep trying out various mixtures of fruits and vegetables and see what seems appealing to me. I’m hoping that it will overall improve my health in ways seen and unseen.

My girls and are also taking a mystery trip this weekend for Mother’s day. Lauren needs the drive time…to get her license in a couple of weeks so we’re going to try and get several of those hours done this weekend. Specifically night hours…so tonight night after my last program we’re heading out. Hoping that traffic will be at a minimum at that time of night.

Mark and I used to drive through the night sometimes. The only downfall to this idea is that I have to actually be awake the whole time this time since Lauren can’t drive on her own yet. We could very well be pulling over sooner rather than later, but if we need to that’s ok too 🙂

This next two weeks will fly by, in fact I really need to start packing. I’ve put it off so far…but can’t anymore.

Right now it just feels like summer on the horizon…but come August that’s when it will really settle in that things have changed!

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